What We Offer

Smart Kids Zone offers engaging and fun-filled activities, academic and recreational, in a safe and structured environment with state of art equipments.


Exergaming or interactive fitness is a form of physical activity which combines exercise and video games (exercise + gaming). It utilizes technology that is integrated into the equipment that tracks fitness progress, body movement, and reaction times. We create an energetic atmosphere by combining certain unique equipments, activities, and movements with proven fitness principles. This is the easiest way to stem the childhood obesity epidemic.

Coding to Learn

Kids get hands-on experience with handling visual blocks in design of games, building apps and innovating awesome projects. These kids progress to becoming experts in text-based coding as they solve problems creatively with technology.


This course is designed to ensure kids have a solid background on how to build and program a robot using the LEGO Mindstorm robotics kit. Students would learn the fundamentals of important engineering concepts that most of their peers won’t know about until later in higher institution. Our curriculum is designed to help kids see the relevance and application of the Physics, Mathematics, Geography and Arts they learn at school. This course is one of the easiest and fun-filled ways to get kids to learn how to be creative, appreciate collaboration, master project management and be interested in STEM careers.

Technology Courses