: Exergaming: Exergaming or interactive fitness is a form of physical activity which combines exercise and video games (exercise + gaming). It utilizes technology that is integrated into the equipment that tracks fitness progress, body movement, and reaction times. We create an energetic atmosphere by combining certain unique equipment, activities, and movements with proven fitness principles. This is the easiest way to stem the childhood obesity epidemic.


  • Swimming
  • Skating

Visiting Art Gallery

Students will encounter original works of art on docent-led tours that complement and enhance classroom learning. They will take time to look carefully, ask questions, and develop their own interpretations. Through open-ended discussion, students will discover that art can possess multiple layers of meaning. Their shared endeavor—in which all voices are valued—becomes a powerful learning experience that will be memorable and meaningful.

Visiting Science Gallery

“The Science Gallery is a public venue inviting everyone to engage with science and technology and its impacts on our everyday lives. It is a vibrant, social space where ideas around science, technology and innovation can be exchanged, shared, discussed and given a context that opens up these fields to new audiences.”

... and many more outing experiences

Visiting Zoo

According to Meg Mundell, Animals loom large in children’s imaginations – from their heartfelt attachment to stuffed toys, to passionate dinosaur obsessions, to a fondness for characters like Big Bird, Peppa Pig or Maisy Mouse. A trip to the zoo is a chance to indulge this fascination, but it can also have other benefits for a preschooler’s growing brain. Zoo visits can help foster cognitive and social development – the accumulation of skills around language, reasoning, attention, memory, planning and social interaction.

Some benefits of going to Zoo